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Having accurate floor plans of your property gives you an extra asset in your marketing mix, helping buyers understand the property’s flow and design. Floor plans by REMpros feature furniture layouts and flooring types in a professional, easy-to-read format.



Premium Marketing Floor Plans

You only need to chat to a handful of buyers to understand the importance of using a marketing floor plan when selling property. With this in mind, it makes sense to build emotional trust and confidence with your buyer by providing a quality Floor Plan with your listing.

REMpros has teamed up with Pure Design Concepts, the industry leading experts when it comes to marketing Floor Plans. PDC has developed their own unique process of accurately measuring properties with highly trained designers using CAD software. Unlike most, your Floor Plan won’t get sent overseas and instead is carefully crafted by their dedicated team making sure every property is the very best it can be. It’s all part of their promise to provide “the most accurate and stunning Floor Plan’s you’ll ever use”.

How it works:
REMpros can organise a Floor Plan on your behalf as well as include a Floor Plan in packages with our photography and videography.

Why we partnered with Pure Design Concepts?
1) Beautifully designed plans to compliment your brand and impress your clients
2) Accuracy you can rely on
3) Great availability for appointments (large team of trained designers)
4) No off-shore post production
5) Delivered fast (next business day turnaround)
6) Plans For Purpose (every PDC Floor Plan helps builds homes for the world’s poorest families)

Contact Brad or Andrew at REMpros to have our Rate Card emailed to you.

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