Drone stills and video is easily the best way to showcase your listing’s greatest asset – it’s Gold Coast location. To really impress your buyers drone coverage is now as vital as stills and video. So elevate your expectations with REMpros.



Drone stills are amazing, but where it gets really exciting is when you add aerial video footage to your final video.

But as you well know, only those sweeping beach panoramas, property flyovers and magnificent canal views can be shot by from the air. And this is where our expertise and experience in drone operation comes to the fore.

As well as capturing superb footage and photos, all REMpros videos are blended seamlessly with the ground-based footage so well you’d think the same camera shot the entire video.

Need a shot of Surfers Paradise at dusk? We can shoot it.

Is your property near an airport or helipad? We can shoot it.

What about filming the apartment on the 32nd floor? We can shoot it.

We can fly virtually anywhere safely and legally because of our CASA certifications.

Videographer Brad Weeks has the highest qualifications for a drone pilot in Australia, including his RePL (Remote Pilot’s License) and ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate). As a result these certifications means we can often fly WHERE the others cannot WHEN the others cannot.

We also shoot with state-of-the-art drones that can capture stable footage in windier conditions than typical consumer drones common in the industry. They also  capture glorious 4K for video and hi-resolution stills for ultimate image quality. After all, image quality is what it’s all about for us.

Working with REMpros means quality AND peace of mind. 



REMpros has a very special bonus. When you book both photography and video at the same time for the same property, drone stills are included for free – a saving of $180.